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Knowledge Artist

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Knowledge Artist is a newsletter full of unconventional ideas and life learnings. John Yeung shares insights, new creations, and learnings with eye-pleasing visualizations. Sometimes in an actionable, sometimes in a philosophical way - John Yeung tackles topics from digital well-being and language learning to knowledge management and entrepreneurship. The author makes products and writes, using this platform to better understand the world and learn from the mistakes he made. Subscribe for interesting perspectives, learn something new, and join the author in “appreciating the beauty of the human condition.”



John Yeung is a technical PM at SafeGraph, Maker of a platform for structured knowledge - Rumin, and former Product and Engineering at Bing, Apple, and Bloomberg. He is experimenting with different types of media, writing essays on two platforms/newsletters - Knowledge Artists and InformedPM.


Knowledge Artist is a free, bi-weekly newsletter. You can expect to receive the newsletter every other week. Recently the issues are being sent on Saturdays, but you never know.

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