The Breeze

The Breeze

What’s going on in climate tech investing.

The Breeze is a periodic newsletter that raises awareness on climate tech. Tommy Leep shares original pieces with his thoughts on the current climate situation and curates the most important news and events. The newsletter hosts round-ups of recommended reads, podcasts, and everything else related to climate change. The Breeze is focused mainly on investing, so you will find lists of and interviews with climate-focused investors, essays on climate tech scaling, and overviews of climate-tech startups. Subscribe and help spread awareness!




Tommy Leep is a founder of Jetstream, a company that helps climate tech startups fundraise and grow. The author launched The Breeze to raise awareness on climate tech and drive more capital into climate tech startups.


The Breeze was Originally a Weekly newsletter, which now turned into a periodic one. Expect an issue in your inbox as a surprise and explore the archives while waiting!

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