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Unrestricted is a newsletter for curious minds interested in entrepreneurship and personal development. Jochem Gerritsen shares his views and opinions on startups, tech, SaaS tools, and mostly - entrepreneurship. Read articles on topics from why it takes years to succeed overnight and the power of peer support to the future of travel, and failing in public. In addition to original pieces, Jochem Gerritsen shares recommended reads from the world wide web, essays and book reviews from his own blog, and tips and tricks “to make your life just a little bit easier”. Subscribe to “learn and grown in less than 5 minutes per week.”



Jochem Gerritsen is an entrepreneur and founder of Enter Network. The author writes a blog about all things entrepreneurship at jochemgerritsen.com and shares his best work together with exclusive essays in Unrestricted newsletter. All of the work is dedicated to his mission “to connect 1 million entrepreneurs in Europe.”


Unrestricted is a free, supposedly weekly, but more like a monthly newsletter. From our experience - you can expect to receive the newsletter once or twice a month. A little warning - we haven’t heard from the author in a few months (fingers crossed he’ll be back).

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