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Feb 28, 2022

👋 everyone!

I never thought that I’ll be sending the first issue of Readsom in these circumstances. This week has been hard. My heart goes out to all in pain, all at risk, and all who are experiencing fear. I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves.

There are a lot more important things for you to read this week, but I would like to take this opportunity and try to help in any small way I can.

Firstly, I’m no expert and I can’t and should not offer any insights into the Ukraine-Russia war. But what I can do, is to offer a hopefully ‘healthy’ distraction in a form of newsletter curation, as well as share credible articles and verified links with ways to support or make a donation.

⚡ Spotlight

Bookbear Express 

“If you’re forever looking around for validation, you’ll never be able to make anything that’s completely your own.” It just spoke to me. I started reading essay after essay and it touched me every time.

Bookbear Express is a newsletter that was recommended by another author. You see, every time I add a new listing, I’m reaching out to writers to get their thoughts on it. And this time I got a newsletter that I’m adding to my personal inbox. Don’t get me wrong, I do subscribe to every single one of the newsletters on the platform. But I’m just a one, relatively small, human being, I’m not able to follow up with thousands of issues coming my way, so, I do have a special place for the exceptional ones 🤭

Ava, the author of bookbear express, stands out with simple, yet deep and honest writing. She shares her personal experiences, but it hits you right where it needs to, every-single-time.

The newsletter is full of essays on psychology, relationships, and all things that we constantly think about, but rarely contemplate out loud. I suggest reading the article below and then replying to this email with a number of essays you’ve read in one sitting, lol.

💡 What’s new

Milk Road

Shaan Puri, a serial entrepreneur and also widely known as a co-host of My First Million podcast, has been staying up all night learning all things Crypto & Web3. The newsletter “Milk Road” came to life as an extension of Shaan’s annual challenge to turn $1M into $10M this year through crypto investing.

You can expect insights, interviews, and bullet points on the most important news. Or as Shaan puts it - “Think of this email like your smart, no-bullshit friend, whispering sweet web3 nothings into your ear every morning.”

Contrarian Thinking 

Codie Sanchez is a journalist, turned institutional investor to cannabis investor and advisor. Now managing 2 funds and writing the “Contrarian thinking” newsletter, she aims to spread the word of financial and philosophical freedom to as many people as she can.

You’ll find articles on the side hustles that don’t suck, ways of launching a successful course, and tips on buying houses for ⅓ of the price. So, if you’re interested in stacking those income streams - you know what to do.


Ilya Novohatskyi was looking for a more attractive venture than the software agency he was running and found a niche that still needs filling. The newsletter “Microns” was his way to both help indie hackers become entrepreneurs and create a community around the micro-business acquisition.

Ilya curates micro-startups available for sale as well as shares insights on the acquisition process, stories, and interviews with founders. Whether a startup founder, a potential buyer or just looking for your next opportunity - consider joining this expanding community to find your new venture.


What we are witnessing happening in Ukraine, might seem surreal for the democratic world. But the invasion of democratic Ukraine by authoritarian Putin is important and can’t be ignored.

No matter how far from the war you live and/or feel, you should not be ignorant of the broken piece. The way we react and respond will define us for generations to come.

Do not forget, as the war heats up, so too does disinformation. Finding signals in all the noise will be harder than ever, so make sure you do your research and spread only verified information.

The only thing I can do through this outlet is to encourage you to support the people of Ukraine and share verified, objective writing. So here it is, a list of articles, written by the authors listed on Readsom and links to trustworthy organizations to make a donation:

👉 Different sources to support and donate

Have a wonderful week, everyone. We’re all in this together.

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