About us

At readsom, we aim to create a treasury of the world’s best digital writing. 

About us

We believe that we are entering the golden age of writing, but as the noise from social media drowns the valuable signal, we need to find a way to improve our information diet. So instead of scrolling through the never-ending feed, we encourage you to subscribe to high-quality newsletters and find comfort in your personal inbox. 

The newsletter is not a new phenomenon, but it is definitely booming right now. Since the pandemic, the number of both readers and writers of newsletters has doubled. It is clear that more and more people feel the desire for a more curated content experience as well as a more personal connection that the format of email can offer. 

The knowledge is scattered throughout the internet and usually found only by chance. That is why we went for a treasure hunt to find the best newsletters out there. Readsom hosts newsletters that are handpicked and filtered through topics to help you find your niche of interest. To make sure that the newsletter is worthy of your attention we provide original descriptions, details about the author, content recommendations, and of course - reviews.

So go ahead - explore and discover your next favorite newsletter with Readsom. 
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