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Aug 12, 2022

Hello there!

Missed me on Monday? That was actually intentional πŸ‘€

Last Monday I was on one of those productivity bursts (it doesn’t happen so often, so I leaned into it) and it kind of hit me - who wants to explore interesting newsletters on Monday? You’re starting a new week, planning your tasks, and trying to squeeze the most out of your fresh headspace. A newsletter full of creative writing might not be the thing that you look for on Mondays. But what about Fridays?

Nothing is definite yet, but I think we can try it on 😎

Moving to this week's selection - I don't know about you, but I love content that is relatable. It just hits differently. And this week it’s all about that personal content that you can relate to. Buckle up and start exploring! πŸš€

✨ Spotlight

Life Reimagined

First, I discovered Steph Smith, then I discovered Sh*t you don’t learn at school podcast, and with it - Calvin Rosser. He’s a co-host of the pod, marketer, writer, and in general, a very bright guy. I really enjoyed listening to their conversations, so I was pumped to learn he has a newsletter of his own! 

With the Life Reimagined newsletter, Calvin hopes to drive people to take action by changing their behavior and reframing their perspective on happy, healthy living. He tackles a range of topics he comes across and shares his thoughts, including what he’s researching and reading.

Expect thoughtfully chosen articles, book notes, ideas, and resources to help you maintain relationships, improve your financial situation, and better your mental health. You’ll explore relatable and practical writings on The Problem of Student Debt, Innovative Technology, and How to Get Out of a Rut When You’re Emotionally Drained.

Start with an article listing 40 Unconventional Pieces of Advice That Most People Ignore and subscribe for a little boost that will encourage you to cherish the little things and take one step at a time to a better life.

πŸ’‘What's New

πŸ‘Ύ Both Are True - Entertainment | Creators | Blog

Alex Dobrenko is a comedian, writer, and actor living in Los Angeles, CA. Both Are True newsletter is full of “absurd, honest comedy” delivered through vulnerable essays. 

Every week, Alex writes about some of his personal experiences and what he extracted from them. He wishes to guide people, make them laugh, and offer them some advice on life through his love of writing. He’ll walk you through his crazy journey, including the torments of parenting, how he almost went to jail, and what it’s like knowing your country is being attacked. If you’re a parent start with - parenting: an escape room you can never escape, if not, go with - Wait the Piña Colada song is about what?! 

πŸ™†‍♀️ The Imperfectionist - Wellbeing | Personal Development | Blog

Oliver Burkeman is a British journalist and writer and the author of multiple books, and one that I actually read and really enjoyed “Four Thousand Weeks”.

Oliver uses a combination of philosophy and psychology to help people discover a different outlook on life's everyday struggles while keeping it exciting. You will explore topics related to time management, embracing mediocrity, managing everyday stress, and debunking common self-help misconceptions. So start with the newsletter and walk your way up to purchasing the book!

🧘‍♀️ Exploring Sobriety - Advice | Addiction | Blog

Benya Clark is an alcoholic who managed to quit his addictions, fully recover, and stay sober since 2016. Exploring Sobriety is a blend of a journal and carefully crafted essays.

Benya covers a wide variety of topics within recovery, ranging from helpful tips to personal anecdotes. Read issues on how to survive and thrive without alcohol, the sacrifices you need to make to overcome addiction, and the dark reality of how alcohol slowly poisons you. Whether you want to quit, help a loved one out, or are trying to prevent a relapse, this might be the one for you.

☝️ Worth Reading

Artur Lapinsch is a former war refugee & startup founder, marketing consultant, and climate tech researcher who occasionally invests. He started Delphi Zero out of frustration with the lack of awareness of the climate crisis. 

Wanting to play his part, he weighed in to educate the general public on how to fight the biggest challenge of our generation. By exploring opportunities, providing solutions, and creating community, he wishes to inspire people towards a net zero future.

I recommend reading the sci-fi short story the House of Day Zero to get inspired to take action.

Have the best week ✨
Gabriele (@gjusaityte)

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