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Mar 28, 2022

Hi 👋

This week’s newsletter curation was very unintentional, yet lucky. Research on one author has led me to another brilliant piece of writing, I also opened a random tab, full of content treasures and found a Twitter thread that in addition to a new newsletter to add, turned into a great connection! All of this resulted in an email full of brain-stimulating reads, so I think it’s safe to say that it was quite serendipitous 🍀

P.S. I’m leaving for Lisbon this Friday to attend the @NFCsummit aka Non-Fungible Conference. I’m taking all kinds of recommendations and if you’re planning to be around - let me know, would love to catch up! 🙃


Brain Food by Farnam Street

Don’t know about you, but I have like 50 tabs open at all times. Every time I see something interesting, but feel like I don’t have the time or the energy to focus on it - I open the content in a new tab and ‘leave it for a better day’. So the day has come and I opened a tab with a great article from Farnam Street (if you’re interested - it’s ‘How To Remember What You Read’ ).

I got real lucky, cause it turns out Farnam Street publishes a newsletter that is actually being read by 400k people around the world. Surprised? Imagine my astonishment when I realized I haven’t heard of it before 🤦‍♀️

So... I thought of a one-liner to describe it (it's a bit corny, but just go with it) - it’s little nuggets of wisdom packaged together into one email. Anyway, as it is not possible to list the whole range of topics I suggest thinking of mental models, decision making, and in general - the art of living and you will get the gist.

If thought-provoking, high-signal content sounds like your thing - subscribe, and don’t forget to check out "The Knowledge Project" podcast where the founder interviews icons like Marc Andreesen or Andrew Huberman.

💭 Here's a tiny thought from a recent issue  - “Mastering your circumstances starts with being advantageously positioned.​​” 

Read the full publication here

💡 What's New

Insanely Useful Websites

I found Jaisal Rathee on a Twitter thread where he encouraged people to share what they’ve been building. I, of course, tweeted about Readsom and here we are with a new newsletter on our radar.

Jaisal launched his first venture while still in high school and has never looked back. With 4 successful exits on his hands, he continues to deliver valuable tools and resources to his audience. Insanely Useful Websites was built as a fun side project and has been growing rapidly since day 1. 

Think of a website full of logos free to download, one that hosts 2190 calculators, or a text-to-speech tool you never knew you needed. Add an unuseful website to kill your boredom and you get a full package. But no, seriously, I can guarantee you will have a laugh or two when you’ll find gems like ‘never-ending horse legs’ to scroll through. Anyway, subscribe and have fun!

Declarative Statements

Found the newsletter while researching Janel’s Brain Pint, featured in a previous issue. Janel has published a blog post with her absolute favorite newsletters and under the Business & Strategy section, I found one title I haven’t heard of before - Declarative Statements.

If you would search it on Twitter, you will see how many engaged readers the author Katelyn Donnelly has! Everyone is quoting, sharing, and recommending the newsletter to their audiences. Being a sucker for Business & Strategy learning - I dug in!

Declarative Statements is a weekly newsletter targeted at curious people who seek hard analysis but also appreciate creativity. Katelyn Donnelly puts the current market environment in context by curating timeless content on emerging trends and sensible investing. From the future of VC and the cons of too much money to the implications of the war in Ukraine, the newsletter will keep you smart and help maintain your interest in markets.

Creative Caffeine 

Some newsletters are very interesting to read but very difficult to describe. It’s good, it’s thought-provoking, but it covers a wide range of topics, which makes it hard to label. And so I figured the best way of doing it is letting the work speak for itself - introducing David Sherry, a founder coach who shares ideas and actionable insights to stimulate your mind.

David takes inspiration from his coaching conversations as well as his own “exploration of brands, web3, community, etc.” He covers topics like commitment to work or discovering your purpose and delivers content on Dopamine Detox, Being a Generalist, and Finding Time for Important Projects. I recommend starting with “Conscious Habits” and I’m pretty sure you’ll end up subscribing. 🙃

☝️ Worth reading

Selling Out is Underrated. Here's Why - Think Clearly by Mathias Jakobsen

After a year off, Mathias Jakobsen is back. He switched to Revue and published the first issue on… admiration for Paris Hilton. If that sounds intriguing, read the publication and join me in keeping an eye on the author, hoping he’ll be back for good. 🤞 

To give a little bit of context Think Clearly used to be a "handwritten newsletter designed to make you reflect on the way you think and work. From how you use a notebook, to managing an exhausting to-do list, or making big career-defining decisions, this simple email offers simple advice on it all."

Reading the latest issue, I wouldn't be so sure if the format will stay the same, but Mathias promised to publish 'a big life update' in reference to his absence shortly, so... stay tuned!

💙💛 On Ukraine

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