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July 18, 2022


Last week, @decohack has recommended Readsom in his post on Twitter. A completely organic recommendation has skyrocketed user traffic for a couple of days. My oh my, how exciting it is to see so many people exploring a product that you have built. So hello and welcome to all the new subscribers, I’m thrilled we found each other!

This week's selection covers a wide range of topics. From travel guides and Twitter threads to ancient wisdom and SEO insights, I found a newsletter for any and every mood!

✨ Spotlight

Messy Nessy by Vanessa Grall

Messy Nessy - Cabinet of Chic Curiosities is a treasury of the most interesting, never-heard-of yet astonishing findings you never knew you needed to see/read/hear. Open up the website to experience traveling adventures and get the most eye-catching delights. 

Vanessa Grall will take you along with her through historical sites, bustling markets, and breathtaking gardens. Tune in to her newsletter to discover her engaging travel stories like the lost romance of the Transylvania Spa Town, where to find the most epic treehouses, and a trip to Sweden to discover where the real hobbits take the summer off.

Everything Vanessa does is filled with art, culture, and history. See the ‘Life is Messy’ section for conversation starters, ‘Don’t be a tourist’ for tips and recommendations to explore Paris or New York, and ‘Nostalgia’ for articles that will let you travel in time.

All of this and much much more - in the Messy Nessy Vault and the newsletter!

πŸ’‘What's New

🐀 While You Were Away - Advice | Productivity | Entertainment

Ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling on Twitter without seeing anything useful or interesting? Twitter maestro Blake Burge (a guy with 300k+ followers and hundreds of valuable threads under his belt) personally curates some of the best content. 

With tweets on Life, Business, Web3, and Entertainment/Sports, you’ll find the best nuggets in your niche of interest while discovering influential and like-minded people to follow.

πŸ›οΈ Daily Stoic - Wellbeing | Motivation | Life

The Daily Stoic is a newsletter where the top-tier author Ryan Holiday shares daily Stoic meditations to kickstart your day. In this newsletter, you’ll find profound teachings from ancient philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca, and many more. 

Whether it’s building resilience, setting and achieving goals, or having an optimistic outlook on the uncertainties of life, Ryan ensures to inspire readers to change their lives for the better.

πŸ•‍🦺 Sunday Scoop - Animals | Entertainment | Recommendations

Sunday Scoop is an extension of Furrimals, a blog and a one-stop shop for all things dogs. Written by Lee Parker (a dog dad to the cutest Bulldog), the newsletter is full of relatable content. From actionable tips and encouragement to practical life advice - Sunday Scoop will give you an inside look into the daily struggles and joy of being a dog dad.

P.S. Make sure to explore Lee’s favorite gear and tools with an added bonus of referral codes!

πŸ“ Growth Memo - Marketing | Digital Media | Business & Strategy

Interested in supercharging your SEO strategy and driving more organic traffic to your business? Kevin Indig, the SEO lead at Shopify and the host of the Tech Bound podcast knows his craft and will teach you his ways!

Growth Memo is a weekly newsletter filled with the freshest ideas, tips, and trends in the SEO industry. Subscribe to explore unique aspects and developments in the SEO industry like the rise of AI in SEO, and Google’s local search capabilities, and have an in-depth look at online businesses and services through detailed case studies.

☝️ Worth Reading

Recommended by Alex from Alex & Books, World Builders is a weekly newsletter that’ll show you the best storytelling techniques and explain how creators, entrepreneurs, and big brands use them to drive growth and impact their audience.

While researching it I came across the issue on the ‘Power to the Storyteller’ where the author Nathan Baugh analyzes how Steve Jobs used storytelling across pricing, marketing, and design.  I think it doesn’t matter whether you work in a related field or not - storytelling (as much as good writing) is a very valuable, yet underrated skill we should all consider learning.

πŸ’­ Let me know what you think of the issue and help me curate the most relevant content for you. Replying helps Google realize it’s not spam, but if you prefer Twitter - my DMs are always open! 

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