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Apr 4, 2022

Hi friends! πŸ‘‹

This week was (and still is) about Lisbon. The preparation to travel, flying out and the exploration of the new city have dominated everything else, so I’m glad I did my homework and prepared some content beforehand. Since my brain is clearly preoccupied, I will keep this short.

So short, the only thing I have to mention here is that majority of this weeks’ featured authors have lists of favorite/recommended books that require your attention! πŸ“š

⚑ Spotlight

Steph Smith newsletter

Being a fan of My First Million podcast, I heard the name Steph Smith on more than one occasion. I checked her out and OMG, she’s such a prolific person, I can’t wrap my head around the amount of work she’s able to produce. I’ve read plenty of her blog posts and I’m convinced - it needs to be shared widely!

As Steph puts herself - “Six years ago, I left consulting and a 2+ hour commute to redesign my life. Now I work remotely as a growth marketer, writer, and indie maker.” Since became a director of marketing at, reached 700k readers with her blog, published a book “Doing content write” and started hosting a podcast - “Sh*t you don’t learn at school”. I’m also pretty sure all of this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

I went through the archive and whether it’s on learning how to write better or a compounding effect of being good repeatedly, it was always very relatable. So if continuous growth, remote work, and technology are something you’re interested in - subscribe and thank me later! No srsly, it’s that good.

P.S. Steph also keeps a list of her favorite books on the website. Take a look

πŸ’‘What's New


While researching Steph’s blog, the “As seen in” section caught my eye. I saw “3-2-1” and it was all it took to remind me of the James Clear newsletter. It’s actually one of the most popular newsletters in the world (read by over a million), so you already might be a subscriber, but if you’re not - I hope I’ll be the one who convinces you to subscribe!

If you wonder why, we should start with the fact that the author, James Clear, has published a very well-known bestseller - “Atomic Habits”. Some worship it, some don’t read it cause it’s ‘popular’, but no one can argue that James Clear knows how to explain big ideas in an easy-to-digest way. In 3-2-1 you’ll find 3 short ideas from the author, 2 quotes from others, and 1 question for you to ponder. So if you’re interested in finding ways to live better, subscribe to receive “The most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.”

P.S. James curated a list of more than 100 good books to read, organized by category.

Memento Vivere

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, I’m attending NFCSummit in Lisbon, Portugal and I took advantage of the opportunity and extended my stay for the whole week! Naturally (for some) I started looking into the basics of the Portuguese language, so I could come prepared. A couple of Youtube searches away, I came across Nathaniel Drew’s video on his method to learn a new language in 7 days. One thing lead to another and here we are with his newsletter - Memento Vivere (trans. Remember to Live).

The newsletter consists of original writing, where Nathaniel questions the world around him, sharing frequently philosophical thoughts on life design, personal development, and in general - life as we know it. Subscribe to follow his journey of finding meaning and get free language learning and mental clarity resources as a bonus!

#trpplffct | fresh poetry & friends

A newsletter fresh out of the submission list is full of poetry and inspiration. Arjan Tupan - a poet, a dad, and a dot connector sends out a weekly newsletter with the goal to spread empathy and empower other poets.

The interesting title #trpplffct is short for The Tripple Effect and refers to the three forces that make poetry what it is: the poet, the poem, and the reader. Therefore, every Friday you’ll receive an original poem with the inspiration behind it as well as complimentary recommendations for podcasts and poems by other poets. So if you’re hungry for some rhymes, subscribe to the newsletter and enjoy panglish tritriplicata*.

( *a new form of poetry in the international version of English)

πŸ’™πŸ’› On Ukraine

Hundreds of civilians were killed by Russian soldiers. A message to 'google Bucha' is spreading to demonstrate the extensity of Russia's war crimes in Ukraine. Keep yourself informed to not become complicit.

πŸ‘‰  Sponsor a Ukrainian family in need through The $1k Project  πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ 

Have the best week and never stop reading πŸ“š

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