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Aug 26, 2022

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It’s the last weekend of summer, it’s 31 degrees outside and I can’t believe how time flies β˜€οΈ

So enjoy the weather while reading a great newsletter you found on Readsom 😝 Without further ado I present to you - a curation of top-notch talent, a daily newsletter full of motivation, a blog full of psychological phenomena, and easy-to-read tech news!

✨ Spotlight

Awesome People List

Whether you’re looking for top-notch talent or like to be featured and hired by the great startups yourself - this one’s for you.

Julia Lipton is the founder of Awesome People Ventures and a prominent investor in web3. She’s curating the Awesome People List (as well as a Pallet candidate board in web3 ) with the purpose of “giving your startup superpowers.”

Every issue is dedicated to one awesome person - Julia introduces the expert, their position, and achievements and provides personal commentary on why you should hire them. The newsletter includes expert/industry insights, recent features, and part-time opportunities, and encourages you to connect as easily as by clicking the reply button.

Check an example issue on onboarding, people, talent retention, and your new part-time Head of People! and find the superstar your company needs (or…land your dream job!)

πŸ’‘What's New

πŸ”” Brass Ring Daily - Personal Development | Motivation | Creativity

Learn about the newsletter from a glowing review:

“Kara Cutruzzula's Brass Ring Daily is everything I want in a daily newsletter. It starts by getting real – Kara knows the world is wackadoodle and doesn't try to persuade you otherwise, but she looks for ways to help readers think and act productively that feel organic and self-respectful. In under two minutes, she sizes up a problem you didn't even have words to describe and then offers a solution that you know you can implement...right this minute. 

She usually follows this up with a brief but entertaining anecdote, or a video or photo, and then sends you on your way to have a cheerier, more productive day, sometimes humming a song from an original musical, sometimes grinning over a teeny creature. It's not brain surgery, but perhaps mood surgery. Every day, Kara's uplifting newsletter gives you the boost to reach for the brass ring.” by Julie Bestry

🧠 Psych - Psychology | Well-being | Blog

Vaibhav Dwivedi is a certified social psychologist who believes understanding the psychology behind our actions can help us recognize unhealthy patterns and replace them with valuable alternatives.

With the Psych newsletter, Vaibhav aims to help readers better understand psychological concepts to improve their personal and professional life. Each issue has a format: the author explains the psychological concepts, shows why it’s important and describes when and where it occurs. Subscribe to learn about Cognitive Reappraisal, Tragic Optimism, and the Rashomon Effect, and get practical tips to improve your life.

πŸ• Tech Pizza - Tech | AI | News

Tech Pizza is a weekly newsletter where author and entrepreneur Gianluca Mauro assembles the latest happenings in the tech industry. Every week you’ll be sent a short, crisp, and high-impact read on tech developments in a digestible format. Expect to find stories like the Chinese Ban on Tesla, How AI is generating photo-realistic Imagery, and Why “the Merge” is the Next Big Thing in Crypto. 

P.S. You’ll be able to choose from video, audio, and text format to consume your tech news.

☝️ Worth Reading

Read by more than 50 thousand people, Recomendo hosts curated recommendations on helpful, useful, engaging, and thought-provoking things.

Every time, you’ll embark on a journey to discover various topics, including memorable quotes, upcoming Netflix series, popular YouTubers, and intriguing articles.

P.S. They have a “searchable” archive - and they published Recomendo: The Expanded Edition book that hosts 1000 short reviews of cool stuff.

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