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Aug 1, 2022

Happy August everybody!

The summer is flying by, and I haven’t been to the beach yet 😭 Please tell me you had some careless summer days enjoying yourself in the great outdoors, or better yet - send pictures for inspiration! 

And while you plan your next adventure, don’t forget your next read ☝️ This week's selection includes deep dives on macro and strategic trends, a newsletter that curates coffeeshop sounds, another one that teaches you to be good at email, and one that will keep you in the loop on startups. Let’s dig in! 👷‍♀️

✨ Spotlight

Benedict's Newsletter by Benedict Evans

I’ve got the recommendation to follow Benedict Evans on Twitter from my smartest friend (and when smart friends suggest something - you listen!) and I’ve been following him since before I even got the idea to create Readsom. I remember him being a partner at a16z and publishing these epic yearly presentations that showcase the most important trends for years to come. See the latest one titled “Three Steps to the Future

Now, he’s an independent analyst with a newsletter of his own, who dives deep into the tech world and analyzes technology's outcomes that matter. Providing context to the latest news and developments, Benedict Evans helps you cut through the noise.

His in-depth analysis on various technological topics ranges from Twitter’s privacy scandal and Google’s Magic AI to Web3, NFTs, the Metaverse, and how the fashion industry is leveraging virtual reality.

Read a very simple, yet blunt essay on - There’s no such thing as data - and get the taste of Benedict’s Newsletter.

💡What's New

Coffeehouse -  Entertainment | Curated | Free

Alicia Sekhri is a screenwriter and entrepreneur based in France. She believes that being happy and productive while working remotely is a challenge, so she decided to write and curate Coffeehouse.

The Coffeehouse features coffee shop sounds, interesting ramblings on productivity techniques, and recipes to make your own drink (mostly something other than coffee). So whether it’s 4 hours of Parisian cafe ambiance or 30 minutes of grinding and pouring coffee goodness, you’ll feel like you’re out there, enjoying the coffee, without leaving the comfort of your house

📺 Homescreen -  Startups | News | Free

​​Homescreen is created by Launchhouse, “a professional social club that helps great people achieve success and fulfillment.” The newsletter is crafted by Toby Howell who curates news and content geared toward entrepreneurs who want to start, join or invest in startups.

Homescreen newsletter is kind of a mix between Morning Brew and the Hustle with an added bonus of funny memes. You'll get the most valuable information and resources without having to mindlessly scroll through threads and social media posts to find out what’s happening in the world. Explore topics including how Netflix lost over 200,000 subscribers in Q1, Elongate, and Coinbase vs. the world.

📩 Chase Dimond's Newsletter -  Marketing | Blog | Free

Chase Dimond aka Email Marketing Nerd is a co-founder of the top email marketing agency Boundless Labs. He spent most of his life in marketing and running multiple businesses.

A subscription to Chase Dimond’s weekly newsletter will let you in on the secrets of eCommerce email marketing to drive growth and engagement from your marketing efforts. Check out this comprehensive post on getting from 0 to 500k subscribers in 10 months and see for yourself! 

💰 Term Sheet - VC | News | Free

Jessica Mathews is a senior writer at Fortune, the world’s leading online business magazine, which covers venture capital, private equity, startups, and M&A.

In Term Sheet, Jessica is cutting through the noise and providing vital insights into mergers and acquisitions so you can effectively plan your own business/investment strategy. Every day you’ll be receiving the latest info on Venture deals, Private Equity, Exits, SPACs, Funding, and influential people in the business world.

☝️ Worth Reading

This week’s worth reading section is brought to you by a 5 ⭐ review: 

“Ana Andjelic's newsletter comes with fresh insights at the intersection of sociology and business in ways I just haven't imagined before.

My favorite post of hers so far is on Social influence and how brands can strategically use it.

She also has a YouTube channel which I see as an extension of her newsletter where she talks to people behind brands. Sociology + Business? Seriously, how cool is that?!?!” by @DaveQuartey

The Sociology of Business is a newsletter focused on how brands shift in response to changes in consumer taste & values. Ana Andjelic, a strategy executive with a doctorate in sociology, covers case studies, strategy, and the latest news while providing deep insights into consumer behaviors.

So if you’re passionate about brand strategies and the modern aspirational economy - listen to Dave and subscribe to The Sociology of Business!

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