Discovered & Re-Discovered

Trivia, Everyday Activists, and The Internet Jungle

Apr 11, 2022

πŸ‘‹ Hello there

Lisbon was fantastic! But… While flying back, I caught a real nasty bug. After the longest (at least in my head) and most excruciating (again - biased) journey, I’m finally back home. This thing ruined my plans and shrank the time I wished to spend on this email by more than a half. And that’s why the title. Plan B was activated, and so I went through my archives, notes, and lists to re-discover some of the newsletters.

If you’ve been on a constant refresh on Readsom then maybe, just maybe - you already saw it. But I do have a feeling that for the majority of you, these will all look brand new. So hope you’ll enjoy it!

⚑ Spotlight

Creative Brew

For creatives by creatives. The Creative Brew is in the spotlight, because of its community πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬ 

Nir, Chris, and David started a newsletter in order to inspire and uplift creators. And now with over 10k members on their Discord server, the founders grew their audience into a thriving creative collective.

“We believe that tons of ingenuity comes from the intersection of many different crafts. Having engineers collaborate with artists, or artists collaborate with musicians can inspire a realm of possibilities.”

The server became a space to connect, collaborate, and share art. So whether you’re a filmmaker, writer, digitals artist, or just exploring your creativity, I encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter for inspiration and join the discord for endless opportunities! 

Click on the title to access the former and here for the latter.

πŸ’‘What's New

Now I Know

Dan Lewis knows a lot of stories that most people don’t know. He follows his curiosity and goes deep into the subject, looking for the root cause, trying to see the bigger picture and tell you the whole story.

Stories range from serious to funny and from surprising to revelatory. Think of the original color of the carrot, the need for scrubs, or the reason behind milk on our cereal. Not sure about the answer? Subscribe and never run out of conversation starters.

Naive Weekly

Kristoffer is a café owner, map-maker, internet poet, and coffee taster. And I just love his bio!

I also took the liberty to use one of the glowing reviews to illustrate what Naive Weekly is all about - “It‘s a quiet door to a lot of weird, fascinating, and curious places across the internet.” 

Naive Weekly is a personal newsletter that will take you out of your internet bubble. Prepare to jump through links, fall down rabbit holes, and discover unimaginable corners of the web. 

P.S. Make sure to check out another of Kristoffer’s projects Penpal Cafe which connects people through letters (I already got a match!).

Today Do This

Daianna Karaian & Robbie Dale - founders of ‘Today Do This’, lead a movement of 'everyday activists' and aim to put the power in the hands of millions of people.

Every week you’ll get encouraged to do something about the things you care about. Whether it’s tackling the climate crisis, fighting discrimination, protecting democracy, or responding to disasters - you can always find one small thing to do, that would change things for the better.

Or as a loyal reader puts it - “I now know that, once a week, I can DO SOMETHING to make a difference. And because I know I’m not the only one doing the same something, I know it’s adding up to real change. Thanks for removing the cloud of helplessness and hopelessness!”

πŸ’™πŸ’› On Ukraine

The performance “Swimming Through” is a call for action in support of the Ukrainian people who are facing genocide committed by Russia.

πŸ‘‰  Donate through ART FOR UKRAINE, an initiative to support Ukraine and its people.

Have the best week and re-discover something πŸ”

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