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June 6, 2022

Hello Summer, Happy Pride, and Good Monday everyone! 🌈

Hope you all had an amazing week celebrating summer and love (and prepping for the summer of love) πŸ’œ With a recent influx of submitted newsletters and reviews, I’m glad I can incorporate more diverse, niche newsletters as well as provide insights from real insiders (loyal readers).

This week's selection includes a newsletter that aims to teach you how to start a business and one that shows you how to grow it, a newsletter full of inspiring reads, and one that explores authenticity. Lastly, to mix things up, I invite you to explore the archive of one of the oldest blogs on the web. Enjoy! 🀞

⚑ Spotlight

OkDork by Noah Kagan

The first time I heard of Noah was on the My First Million podcast. After listening to “Brainstorming The Best Business Ideas To Start In 2022” I made a note to check him out. 

Turns out that in addition to the main business (Noah Kagan is the founder and CEO of AppSumo), he’s rapidly growing his online presence through different media channels. So here we are, with OkDork, a no fluff, marketing newsletter for entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

Through OkDork, Noah is going to teach you all the tips and tricks to get you well on your way to financial freedom. Whether it's revealing his methods of building passive income or showing you how to build a business on just $100, Noah has some of the best and most engaging techniques in the business. 

But it’s not all just business and money talk! Noah often takes time out to talk about the things that he enjoys, whether it’s a new artist, tacos (the man seriously likes tacos), or ways he spends his money

My suggestion - start with an article about push-ups, the coffee challenge, and other “Challenges to Help You Start a Business” to learn ways to overcome fear, awkwardness, and rejection and I'm sure, you'll end up wanting more πŸ™Œ

πŸ’‘What's New

πŸ“š What To Read If - Entertainment | Books

Submitted by the author herself - What to Read If is a place “where book lovers find their next great read”. Elizabeth Held handpicks book titles that reflect the news of the day, pop culture, and her own whims. 

All the issues consist of three book recommendations and are extensions of “What to read if…” - if you're bingeing holiday RomComs, if you’re obsessed with Wordle, or if you just want some good books. The recommendations include Elizabeth’s original thoughts providing context to the topic and explaining the plot of the book. 

🌼 Living Beautifully - Design | Well-being | Life

Living Beautifully is a monthly newsletter where author Alan Moore describes an empowering way of looking at the world. Moving away from the materialistic world, Alan explores brands and people who strive to provide authentic products, experiences, and solutions such as recycling waste to create clothes, powerful ways to tackle climate change, and captivating books to supercharge your wisdom. 

I always find things that inspire, and also ideas and people that challenge my assumptions, and insist I look afresh.” - by Richard Merrick

An absolute must for all who aspire to make the world a more beautiful place.” - by Kirsty Powell

πŸ•΅οΈ‍♀️ Friday Finds - Recommendations | Entertainment | Personal development

David Perell is a keen essay writer, covering topics such as travel, culture, media, and tech. His biggest interest however is in our relationship with information. With Friday Finds, David is aiming to bring you links to the information you won’t find anywhere else. The range of topics is vast, covering everything from Aristotle to modern technology, and his testimonials from readers are glowing! 

P.S. An interesting detail - there are two separate newsletters that David publishes. ‘Friday Finds’ and ‘Monday Musings’. Even though both of them have separate descriptions and sign-up forms, when you subscribe to one, you automatically get subscribed to another one. They do complement each other, but the main difference is that while Friday Finds focuses on ‘finds’ (links to interesting content), musings usually host original thoughts from David himself.

πŸ‹οΈ‍♀️ The Saturday Solopreneur - Entrepreneurship | Growth | Strategy

Justin Welsh has spent the last decade building value in companies and raising over $300 million in venture capital. Then, he burnt out. Justin left this field to pursue a passion project, advising entrepreneurs and developing a community for creative thinkers. 

The Saturday Solopreneur (the new passion project) became the ultimate newsletter for anyone trying to grow their business at speed. Take it from Justin himself, who since January of this year has already amassed tens of thousands of subscribers. So whether you're looking to increase your subscriber count or trying to bump up your hourly freelancing rate, Justin has the tips for you.

☝️ Worth Reading

Noticing is a newsletter and also a sort of extension of one of the oldest blogs on the web - kottke.org. Both of these channels complement each other and are full of exciting ideas, insights, and people. Think of engaging curations on things like a custom moon motorcycle, stunning gardens of cherry blossoms, and whatever the heck bone music is.

Since Jason is taking a sabbatical, it might be the perfect time to explore the archives of the newsletter as well as the blog posts that dates back to 1998. Check out the website or subscribe to Noticing and get automated emails of some of the best content that was published throughout the years.

πŸ’­ Let me know what you think of the issue and help me curate the most relevant content for you. Replying helps Google realize it’s not spam, but if you prefer Twitter - my DMs are always open! 

P.S. If you liked it - share it with a friend or two and help the project grow 🌳