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Crypto, World Exploration, and…Maps!

Mar 7, 2022

Well, hello there πŸ‘‹

While I was putting together this newsletter, I noticed a common theme. It’s passion. While some authors write about what’s popular, analyze what’s new and share trending articles, others are out there exploring the world, going down rabbit holes, turning their niche interests into content that sparks curiosity.

Not to say that one is better than the other. It’s just different. And at different times, we seek them both.

In today's issue, you will get a healthy dose of crypto, a reminder of who Tim Ferris is, and a publication on political geography illustrated with some custom maps. So, buckle up, and get ready to explore!

⚑ Spotlight

Nat's Crypto Newsletter

Going through the ‘newsletters-to-add’ list I stumbled upon The Monday Medley newsletter. I realized I’d heard of the author before. Nat Eliason has been writing for another publication, already listed on Readsom, called the Almanack.

Confident that I’m in for something good, I started my research by reading his ‘2021 Year in Review’. It was clear that Nat has found a new passion in Crypto. He started looking at the growing Ethereum ecosystem, which led him down the DeFi rabbit hole and got him spending 75%+ of his working time in crypto land. They say “follow your passion”, so I decided to follow Nat’s.

“Nat’s Crypto Newsletter” aims to explain the wild world of Web3 with a focus on DeFi. Think of discussions on crypto gaming, infrastructure, yield farming, and many more other terms and concepts you'll need to google. Nat Eliason goes through the process of evaluating a project’s tokens, explains DeFi lending, and shares new protocols he’s currently watching.

It’s a paid newsletter, that costs $10 a month, but the membership gives you that extra something to make your money’s worth. By subscribing, you can expect to be presented with “possible plays” and different ways you could get exposure to a protocol in question (think of staking, farming, LPing, etc). You will also receive additional “first looks” posts, where you will get an early peek at stuff Nat’s been exploring. 

So if you wish to live tax-free off of Magical Internet Money - start with the most popular issue on Tokenomics 101 and get ready to learn!

πŸ’‘What's New

5-Bullet Friday

Tim Ferris is considered to be one of the most innovative business people. He’s also a 5 time NYT bestselling author, and most importantly - a curious, lifetime learner and a world explorer. The latter are the characteristics that make his content so interesting.

He shares his experience through multiple outlets, but the newsletter works both as a great summary as well as a treasure trove. From exclusive giveaways and the latest obsessions to new hacks and tricks from the experts - you’ll always be caught by surprise with something new and exciting.

Good Morning NFT

Hegemony (@hegemony_inc) is a UI/UX web3 designer and a long-time crypto enthusiast, NFT collector, and degen investor. The author believes that the speed of the crypto industry can be confusing and exhausting, and that is why we all need to help one another.

So whether it’s Digital Land or NFT gaming, Hegemony explores new concepts through relevant projects to give you an insight into the never-ending opportunities in NFTs. Subscribe for the insights and stay for the “What’s minting this week” section.


Ever since grade school Justin Case Brown has been a geography nerd and politics has always made the most sense to him when framed within a spatial context. With his publication, Justin seeks to dig up both the beautiful and the ugly to help everyone understand how America is changing and who exactly is driving that change. 

Every issue leads with a custom map, follows with a deep dive into the political geography, and ends with bonus material in the form of “Leftover links” of relevant reads. If you’re looking to bring context to the current voting trends and avoid conspiracy rabbit holes - you know what to do!

☝️ Worth reading

We have to continue living our lives, but that doesn’t mean we should forget. Ukraine is still under attack and people need our help more than ever.

Find a moment in your day to inform yourself, to share verified information, to show that you stand with Ukraine  πŸ’™πŸ’›  Here are a couple of great articles on the subject, written by the authors listed on Readsom: 

πŸ‘‰ Different sources to support and donate

Have the best week and keep following your passion,

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