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May 2, 2022

(Not so) Happy Monday 🀍

I always leave this part just before the deadline to send out, so it’s a shame I’m not as optimistic as I would have been at the end of last week. I woke up this morning with a soar throat and a throbbing headache and I don’t know about you, but my mood gets instantly ruined. I tend to get sick quite easily, so it irritates me probably more than it should.

Anywho…. I found someone to help me with the content that’s being published to the platform and it got my hands and head freed up. With additional newsletters flowing in, I created this framework to share the most important and ‘bite-sized’ info on the newsletters in a form of Twitter threads. Check the example below and give @ReadsomHQ a follow so you won’t miss a thing!

⚑ Spotlight

♣️ Wait but Why

I’m not sure whether it’s a coincidence or your brain automatically labels the featured newsletter as an ad, but it's not and this one is definitely worthy of your attention. Apologies for those who’ll think ‘That’s old news Gabriele!”, but I have this feeling that there are still people who haven’t heard of the iconic Wait but Why!

Created almost a decade ago, in 2013, Wait but Why is a popular long-form, “stick-figure-illustrated blog about almost everything”. Employing simple language and witty memes to tell the stories, the co-founder and writer Tim Urban dives deep into topics ranging from presumably simple, like procrastination, to more complicated ones like artificial intelligence. Most importantly, the content is extremely engaging, informative, and truly binge-worthy.

I noticed that Tim hasn’t published in a while and from quick research it looks like he’s been preoccupied with writing and illustrating a book, as well as being active on social media. So…I recommend following @waitbutwhy on Twitter to stay in the loop and don’t miss a new, genius blog post.

Consider reading Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think and decide for yourself.

πŸ’‘What's New

πŸ’΄ Net Interest

Marc Rubinstein spent ten years working in hedge funds. He also has experience as an analyst at an investment bank, as well as being an angel investor in the Fintech industry (his stellar reviews from the likes of Forbes shows just how valuable his perspective truly is).

Marc Rubinstein is using Net Interest to bring you the most important financial news of the week. By using the insights shared on Net Interest, you can spot all-important businesses, and use them to inform your investing decisions. The paid subscription of Net Interest costs $25 a month. The membership will get you access to all of Marc’s posts, as well as the full archive. The cherry on top? Possibility to join the conference calls hosted by Marc Rubinstein himself.

P.S. The author gladly corrected me on the frequency of the newsletter for a free subscription. Even though the archive on substack has the whole content locked under the paywall, you will still get a free, weekly issue without paying. 


πŸ“š Alex & Books

Found completely by accident and already featured in the previous issue - Alex & Books deserves a permanent place on the platform. Without further ado… Alex Wieckowski is an avid reader, author of “Learn to Love Reading” and a prolific content creator who wants to help you become a better reader.

Every Sunday, you’ll receive 3 insightful lessons from a new book, 3 pieces of actionable advice to improve your life, and a recap of Alex’s most popular social media posts (he does have an enormous following, so the content goes through tens of thousands of readers before showing up in your inbox).

P.S. I suggest following Alex on Twitter. I really enjoyed his collaboration with an illustrator who helped visualize and bring even more value to his content as well as one with Notion template guru where together they created a custom tool to help you become a better reader. 


β˜• #JessPicks

You know the feeling when you see a face and you don’t know who it is, but it looks familiar? Turns out I had the opportunity of speaking with Jess Williams, the author of #JessPicks while Readsom was still in closed beta and I was looking for early adopters. Long story short, I found the newsletter, wanted to reach out and found multiple messages in our chat! How did I miss this before? 

#JessPicks is full of curated tips and resources for side hustlers. With an aim to bring you everything you need to get yourself and your small business off the ground, Jess covers everything, from how to market yourself properly, to knowing when to take it easy on yourself. If you’re desperate to be your own boss, and work on your own time, this is the help you need. 

☝️ Worth Reading

I might have heard the name ‘Miss Excel’ at least a couple of times before checking the phenomenon out. She blew the minds of @myfirstmilpod guys, she was interviewed on the verge podcast and I found a deep dive analysis on “How Miss Excel Creates Viral TikTok Content” on the Marketing Examined blog. 

If you’re interested in how TikTok'ers make their way to six figures a day - give it a go yourself. 

πŸ’™πŸ’› On Ukraine

I am adjusting this section to include different sources and organizations to help and donate to Ukraine. Pick one that fits your needs and consider providing ongoing support. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Donate Crypto  | $1k project  | World Central Kitchen | Kyiv Independent | Voices of Children | Doctors Without Borders | Starlink Internet Kits | Events #StandWithUkraine | Art for Ukraine 

Have the best week and stay healthy 🀞
Gabriele (@gjusaityte)

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