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May 23, 2022

Hello! 🀍

It’s always one or the other. While there were quite a few things happening in my personal life, the professional side was pretty uneventful. I guess the saying “Where you place your attention is where you place your energy” is probably right.

Anyway, with the recently increased speed of content creation, I’m uploading more newsletters to Readsom that I’m able to fit into the newsletter. So…I’ll add a couple of additional ones this time and hope you’ll let me know if you prefer 1) fewer newsletters with longer descriptions or 2) a bigger selection coupled with a sentence or two of description? πŸ€”

⚑ Spotlight

The Curiosity Chronicle

Even though I have followed Sahil Bloom on Twitter, I knew him for his interesting threads and not the newsletter. I found out about Curiosity Chronicles completely by accident, digging through people’s favorites and I was pleasantly surprised! Sahil writes deep dives (my favorite kind of content) with the ultimate goal to spark curiosity ✨

With an army of fans to vouch for him (600k on Twitter and another 100k newsletter subscribers), Sahil produces content on business, growth, and frameworks. Whether it’s about cognitive biases that affect your decision-making, ways to stop procrastinating, or leveling up your public speaking, he guides you through the most valuable lessons for succeeding in life and in business.

Subscribe for the deep dives, enjoy The Friday Five interesting ideas, and don’t forget the highly curated job board in finance and technology. All of this, complemented by aesthetically pleasing visualizations and an audio format - what more could you ask for?!

Read How To Stop Procrastinating and thank me later.

πŸ’‘What's New

🏦 Noahpinion - Finance | Economy | Business & Strategy

Previously an opinion columnist at Bloomberg, Noah Smith now writes Noahpinion, a newsletter filled with the most interesting economic news from all over the world. Noah focuses on the markets but also talks of today’s more serious topics, such as the economic war against Russia, and the real-life consequences of American defense spending.

😈 ZenCaps - Finance | News | Crypto

Zeneca_33, the founder of Zen Academy and the author of Letters from a Zeneca_33 newsletter seems to be creating a media empire! ZenCaps (another of his initiatives) is a weekly roundup for NFT lovers who want to cut through the noise and get the details straight away. Subscribe for NFT-related news, developments, events, talking points, and tips.

🍭 Swiss Miss - Creators & Creativity | Products | Design

Created as a personal design archive in 2005, Swiss Miss has become a huge success. Read by millions of readers, the Swiss Miss website/newsletter is full of inspiration, creative tips, and interesting findings. Tina Roth Eisenberg shares retro posters from the 80s, colorful-looking modern turntables, and thought-provoking TED talks to keep you inspired and up to date with the latest in the design industry.

πŸ•΄οΈEbiz Facts - Entrepreneurship | Business & Strategy | Growth

Niall Doherty will shoot you an email every Friday giving out his best tips, opportunities, and insights to make money online from the comfort of your home. The author aims to help passionate individuals who want to beat the 9-5 and become financially independent by making a full-time income online. Subscribe for valuable insights into online money-making opportunities such as remote job recommendations and resources for high-income skills.

🌳 The Marginalian - Life | Creativity | Questioning

Maria Popova never struggles to find the beauty and deeper meaning behind whatever she might be reading, often providing philosophical and insightful perspectives on things as (seemingly) binary as scientific literature. Subscribe and join Maria in “exploring what it means to live a decent, inspired, substantive life of purpose and gladness.”

☝️ Worth Reading

A relevant piece for the millennial women from the Culture Study newsletter written by Anne Helen Peterson πŸ‘‡

"The Millennial Vernacular of Fatphobia. Content Warning: This post discusses body image, diet culture, and disordered eating."

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