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Find a dream house, build an audience, dive into the business behind sports and learn more about all things Gen-Z

Sep 4, 2022

Hello Everyone and Happy Autumn! 🍁

How many of you are planning something in the ‘new season, new me’ department? There is something about these new beginnings working as a boost of motivation. We get inspired to start a new chapter with a new healthy habit, we're setting goals to learn something we never had time to, or simply - we buy a new plant, because, why not? 

I haven’t done any of it just yet, but now as I think of it - it might be time to start using a daily planner. Any recommendations to get your life in order? πŸ€” πŸ˜…

And now back to our regular programming - this week’s selection hosts quite an eclectic mix of newsletters. Subscribe to these publications to find a dream house to buy or drool on, learn all the TikTok trends, and dive deep into the sports business. All of this and a bit more are just right below! πŸ‘‡

✨ Spotlight

I Know A Spot

I have this thing of endlessly scrolling through apartment listings and I know - I can’t be the only one. Whether it’s looking on potential Airbnbs or random local rental listings, I really enjoy searching for (and finding!) great properties.

I mean, I don’t know if it’s imagining myself living in all these different spaces or just drooling over awe-inspiring interior designs - it’s strangely satisfying 🀍

So imagine my excitement when I found I Know A Spot! Ariel Norling, the author of this beautiful newsletter, is an architecture and interior design nerd, who lowes browsing property listings on Zillow and Righmove.

Love a house with personality? I Know a Spot is a weekly curation of the most interesting and attractive houses on the market. Ariel hopes to make house hunting exciting by sharing the creme-de-la-creme listings straight to your inbox. 

All the issues follow a theme, including Modern Houses with a touch of Minimalism, Houses that Embrace Nature, and Houses by the Seaside that are worth living and share the extra inspiration that may interest those passionate about architecture and design.

Check out a quirky theme of Harry’s Houses or scroll through inspirational houses for raising a family and find your next dream home (or maybe get inspired to redesign your own)! 

πŸ’‘What's New

🐸 High Tea - Entertainment | Digital media | Paid

Can’t figure out what Gen Z are up to? Dive into the internet rabbit hole and explore a range of topics, including TikTok Creators in Hot Water, Canceled YouTubers, Addison Rae’s Climb to Internet Royalty, and a lot more crazy, fun, and trendy stuff. High Tea newsletter also hosts the Bucks Fizz edition - "your go-to digest covering TikTok’s biggest emerging music trends, rising artists, and favorite hidden gems."

I suggest starting with πŸ‘‰ why TikTok’s next big idea is hiding in plain sigh

πŸ’° The Steal Club - Creators & Creativity | Entrepreneurship | Curation

The Steal Club is a newsletter for creative solopreneurs. Think of weekly lessons, strategies, frameworks, and templates to grow your audience and business, “stolen” from the best creators in the industry.

Subscribe to receive original and curated posts discussing material like Why Content Isn’t King Anymore, How to Build an Audience on Twitter from Scratch, and How Influencers Use Twitter to Get More Followers. 

πŸ† Huddle Up - Sports | Business & Strategy | Deep Dive

Every day, Joe Pompliano goes through the numbers behind sporting events, athletes, and famous sports brands. With his expert analysis of financial statements, he gives readers a thought-provoking perspective on the business behind sports.

You can expect detailed posts on topics such as Why Nike’s Stocks Continue to Drop, The 5 Most Expensive NFL Stadiums, and The Sports Gambler Who Turned $700k Into $300M.

☝️ Worth Reading

The Weekly Thing also known as “direct feed from Jamie’s brain” is a newsletter filled with Jamie Thingelstad's thoughts on technology, leadership, productivity, culture, privacy, and anything else that's interesting. And what better to describe a publication than a glowing 5 ⭐ review:

"I have been subscribing to the Weekly Thing for 2+ years.  The learnings I look forward too on what Jamie is seeing and sharing range from deep movements within the Technology Space in Culture, Organizations, Engineering Concepts to Web 3.0 to his journey and insight on Peloton and homemade crafts and bike rides.  Jamie shares his insights and let's you choose to ingest deeper understandings as you see necessary on your interests.  This is an absolute treasure newsletter that I look forward to every Saturday morning!" by Jay Hopia

Have the best week ✨
Gabriele (@gjusaityte)

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