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What makes for a successful business, ✨ Tools, and a very dense newsletter.

May 16, 2022

Hello and Good Monday! 🎉

This week I decided to try something new and exciting. I’ve created a contest to win an annual subscription to a newsletter full of complex, frequently political topics written by an award-winning investigative reporter. You guessed it right, it’s TK News by Matt Taibbi! 

See this Twitter post for details and share the word! 🙌

⚡ Spotlight

The Generalist - Tech | Business & Strategy | Crypto

I can’t be sure when was the first time I heard about The Generalist, but I definitely remember a piece called ‘DAOs: Absorbing the Internet’ that was widely shared across Crypto Twitter. But it all started in 2020, when Mario Gabriele, previously a venture capitalist, left his cushy career to begin The Generalist, a newsletter filled with powerful business analysis.

Have you ever wondered why exactly it is that some businesses just seem to work while others don’t? Mario has written more than 50 deep dives on different businesses to answer that question. Whether it's fintech, crypto, or cyber-security, Mario uncovers their secrets and analyzes exactly what it is that makes them so successful.

The Generalist community seems to be at the center of it all. There’s a private, yet lively chat, lots of networking events, and opportunities for collaboration. My suggestion? Come for deep analysis and stay for community aka “a kind of intellectual incubator for anyone looking to create and grow businesses.”

Read the 10 Lessons from Great Businesses that Mario learned from studying some of the world's innovative ventures and consider subscribing to an author who wants to make writing about technology his life’s work. 

💡What's New

🧰 Wonder Tools - Productivity | Creators & Creativity | Software

Jeremy Caplan is an educator and journalist focusing on entrepreneurship and digital journalism. His passion for exploring new things drives him to learn, explore and teach people to create new things in better, more creative ways.

In Wonder Tools, Jeremy is sharing all the news and exciting tools he found along the way, stating their pros and cons and alternatives - all with screenshots guiding you through how to use them. Whether it's a tool, to sum up your meetings automatically or a resource to diversify your visuals - there’s one for everyone and everything!

🌎 Dense Discovery - Tech | Well-being | Productivity 

Kai Brach’s work has always been an attempt to free people of their fast-paced lives and prevent them from being addicted to the constant digital stimulus of screens.

And therefore the DENSE Discovery is one of the most informative newsletters out there. Every week writer Kai Brach shares a handful of discussions in the design, tech, and cultural space. It’s the one newsletter that has everything you’ll need - from thought-provoking books and inspiring design to helpful apps and sites, you’ll always get plenty of food for thought to get your brain in gear.

💄 For The Love - Marketing | Brand | Products

Aja Singer, the writer behind the newsletter For The Love, is a creative and brand strategist with 10+ years in the industry working on projects with mission-driven startups and founders.

In her newsletter, Aja explores branding techniques and covers topics ranging from building a loyal customer base and Gen-Z marketing to standing out from the crowd. Most importantly, she doesn't shy away from calling out substandard businesses! Subscribe to get up to speed with the latest brands and products and get past roundups with extensive commentary on how they made headlines.

☝️ Worth Reading

Haley Nahman, a writer behind the Maybe Baby newsletter has a keen interest in modern culture. She discusses cultural critiques, especially aiming at self-delusion, cognitive bias, mass media, and how our lives are affected by all three.

While researching her publication I stumbled upon a great, thought-provoking piece on Cope Culture. Read her thoughts about languishing (“that iffy feeling on the spectrum between depression (bad) and flourishing (good)”), labeling our neuroses and “Capitalist realism”.

Have the best week 🤍
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