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Now, you can get your weekly dose of Twitter in one digestible and valuable newsletter. 5 Tweet Tuesday newsletter is what it says it is - a curation of tweets brought to you by the one and only Shaan Puri. Every week the entrepreneur sends out the creme-de-la-creme of tweets, ranging from memes and hilarious GIFS to clever marketing stunts and million-dollar ideas. If you're interested in business, marketing, leadership, and golden bits of wisdom - you came to the right place. Subscribe for top-notch curation and get ready to explore tweets on topics like PowerPoint template that made $500K, how Grammarly became a billion-dollar company starting as a chrome extension, and why Olympic athletes are sleeping on cardboard beds. 




Shaan Puri is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and co-host of the My First Million podcast. Previously a founder of Blab and the CEO of Bebo, Shaan is currently focusing on an e-commerce brand he founded with his family as well as a crypto newsletter - The Milk Road. He's also a prominent voice on Twitter (with over 300k followers).


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