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Discover amazing books, insightful lessons, helpful reading tips, and more.

The title Alex & Books gives it all away. The newsletter is written by Alex who loves books and wants to help you become a better reader. Every Sunday, you’ll receive 3 insightful lessons from a new book, 3 pieces of actionable advice to improve your life, and a recap of Alex’s most popular social media posts (he does have an enormous following, so the content goes through tens of thousands of readers before showing up in your inbox). Don’t forget Alex got popular through his blog, so make sure to check out the website for book recommendations, summaries, and links to his podcast interviews with inspiring authors. P.S. Upon subscribing you’ll also be getting a list of his favorite books filtered by genre. 

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Alex is an avid reader, author of “Learn to Love Reading” and a prolific content creator. In addition to his blog and the newsletter, he also has a Youtube channel, hosts The Reader’s Journey podcast, and constantly provides value through tweeting and collaborating with other creators. If you’re interested in why did he start the Alex & Books blog, here’s the answer in his own words - “ Simple, I got into a mountain biking accident and separated my shoulder.”


Alex & Books is a free, weekly newsletter. Look out for the issue to hit your inbox on Sunday!

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