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Delivering democracy daily via local news, election data, and maps.

Battleground is a daily newsletter examining America’s electoral geography. Justin Case Brown writes with a “maps-first” approach (maps that he, himself created) to illustrate voting patterns for every state and district in the country. Every issue leads with a map and follows with a deep dive into the political geography backed by data and ends with bonus material in the form of “Leftover links” of relevant reads. If you’re looking to bring context to the current voting trends and avoid conspiracy rabbit holes, subscribe to Battleground and start digging!



Justin Case Brown is a Black American Descendant of Slavery (ADOS) and identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community. He graduated from Stanford and spent five years working for The Atlantic. Ever since grade school Justin has been a geography nerd and politics has always made the most sense to him when framed within a spatial context. With his publication, Justin seeks to dig up both the beautiful and the ugly to help everyone understand how America is changing and who exactly is driving that change.


Battleground is a free, daily newsletter. New posts are being released every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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Immensely helpful professionally, immensely insightful personally.

I have been hungry for real political insight and analysis for awhile, especially as it pertains to how local and state issues are playing out on the national stage. Battleground has been an immensely helpful professional tool for directing political strategy based on great insight and analysis and the visuals have been clutch in reporting out to my teams on this work. Personally, I find the content fascinating and I appreciate being linked to state and local resources.

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