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A little boost to keep your creative juices flowing, for creatives, by creatives.

Let’s be honest - all creators need fresh inspiration to fuel their crafts. Nir, Chris, and David aka Creative Brew share the best tools, products, inspiration, cool projects, and more to keep you inspired! With a goal to connect artistically diverse creators worldwide, Creative Brew fosters a community that supports, collaborates, inspires, and pushes each other. So whether you’re a filmmaker, writer, digitals artist, or just exploring your creativity, subscribe to the newsletter for inspiration and stay for the people! 



Nir, Chris, and David started a newsletter in order to inspire and uplift creators. They believe it’s important to stay inspired every week, especially when it's "grind time" on a project. Their biggest goal is to reach hundreds of thousands of creators over the next few years.


Creative Brew is a free, weekly newsletter. An issue will reach your inbox every Monday morning, 8 AM sharp. 

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