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Creator Wizard is a school & community that teaches you how to find & negotiate your dream brand deals so that you stop leaving thousands on the table.

If you’re a content creator looking to increase your sponsorship revenue, Creator Wizard has all the tips you need. Justin Moore is providing you with all the insider tricks of the trade that you can use when communicating with brands to get the most out of your sponsorship deals. Whether it's buzzwords that are going to help you stand out or tips on how to get new followers, Creator Wizard is a one-stop shop for all things content creation. Justin’s aim is to help creators of all sizes reach 1 million paid partnerships by 2032, so be sure to subscribe today and become a part of it!



Justin Moore has spent the last 7 years of his career as a creator amassing brand deals that have paid him handsomely, and he’s now going to give you all the insider tips and tricks to his success! Justin also knows what works from both sides of the sponsorship deal, having also spent 5 years running his own influencer marketing agency. Justin is about as qualified in his field as any one person can be!


Creator Wizard is a free, weekly newsletter. Expect an issue to hit your inbox every Thursday, at 7 am Eastern Time. 

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