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The Narrative for the Non-Scientific Crowd - "Waitbutwhy for Climate Tech."

Art Lapinsch provides a positive outlook on a net zero future. He not only aims to educate but inspire people to eliminate CO2 and its harmful effects on the world. Art buckles down into climate change and explains why temperatures are rising, what’s causing natural disasters, and how the world is turning a new leaf using renewable energy sources like solar and wind. You’ll even explore topics such as How Climate Challenges Shape Political Decisions, The “Stromberg" Mindset, and short stories like the House of Day Zero. Art’s creative writing style will have you marvel at his posts. Whether embarking on a journey through his sci-fi climate stories or knowing vital insights through his informative essays - you will get great value for each read.

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Artur Lapinsch is a former war refugee & startup founder, marketing consultant, and climate tech researcher who occasionally invests. He started Delphi Zero out of frustration with the lack of awareness of the climate crisis. Wanting to play his part, he weighed in to educate the general public on how to fight the biggest challenge of our generation. By exploring opportunities, providing solutions, and creating community, he wishes to inspire people towards a net zero future.


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