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Exploring space and our Moon, for a better future for humanity.

Jatan’s Space is called space for a reason. Not only Jatan is writing about the Space, but he also writes a blog, a newsletter and curates a gallery that all come together in this space he created. The wide variety of articles focuses on the Moon as well as on space exploration and the solar system. So what to expect when subscribing? You’ll get deep dives on topics like how water was discovered on the moon, the history of space missions, and reasons to explore the Moon. You’ll also get weekly lunar updates in a form of Moon Mondays newsletter and some wonderful visuals like Moon craters and lava channels. 

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Jatan Mehta is a globally published Space exploration writer, contributing editor for The Planetary Society, Moon evangelist, and blogging advocate. He started the Moon Monday newsletter in 2020 and since has reached wide audiences of lunar enthusiasts as well as fellow writers and journalists.


Jatan's Space is a free, weekly publication. Expect to receive the Moon Monday newsletter every Monday and get additional content delivered to your inbox on Fridays.

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