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Technically explains software and hardware in simple and engaging way so you can impress your boss.

Technically is a newsletter with a strong focus on technical concepts. Justin Gage wants to help you to identify trends in technology, understand difficult concepts, and find better solutions. Technically answers questions like "What’s an API" and "How does Machine Learning work" and covers a wide range of tech topics writing about the Cloud, Domains, and the prospects of GPT-3. So if you are someone who interacts with software on a daily basis, works at a bank or a tech company, subscribe to Technically for the most useful and fun-to-read content.


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Justin Gage is a data scientist, who is currently working with growth at Retool. He has “a lot of random interests” and likes to write about software, machine learning, sneakers, and streetwear and play with eye-pleasing data visualizations.


By choosing the free version, you are supposed to get only one issue a month. Usually, it is true, but sometimes there will be an extra one, so treat it like a bonus!


The paid subscription of Technically costs $8. The newsletter is being sent twice a month on random days. The subscription gives you subscriber-only content (one additional issue a month), a full archive, and the possibility to post comments and join the community.

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