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June 30, 2022

Hello everyone, I missed you! πŸ’œ

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been traveling to and exploring NYC (for the first time!). I decided to take a quick break since I don’t usually write in advance and didn’t want to deliver smth rushed and half-baked. Anyway, after hundreds of thousands of steps, a Madonna show, and hours, and hours of flying - I’m back (even if still a bit jetlagged)! And I will make a promise to be better prepared next time I’m going somewhere 🀞

Without further ado - this week's selection includes a newsletter on money and psychology (with complimentary drawings), weekly art curation, deep dives on category creation, and much more. Let’s dig in!

⚑ Spotlight

Young Money by Jack Raines

I found this newsletter as a recommendation while scrolling through Twitter. Usually, these end up at the end of my long list, to be checked when the time comes. But not this one!

I wanted to see what is it about and got hooked on the goofy drawings (I’m clearly a sucker for sticky figures). Long story short, Young Money landed in my personal email address and I already read like 10 issues 🀭

The author Jack Raines is passionate about making and managing money. His engaging writing style and unique drawings will give you some perspective on topics like market inefficiencies, chasing your dreams, and money management, offering you tips, tricks, and valuable insights along the way.

Read about a type of cognitive bias - Price Anchoring and Broken Stories - that are told to us as well as we tell ourselves ("I just need to let it get back to all-time highs.") and don’t forget to subscribe! 

πŸ’‘What's New

🎨 AisleOne Digest - Creators & Creativity | Design | Products

Recommended by a reader, AisleOne will help you discover eye-catching film, stunning photography, awe-inspiring design, and the best music.

Antonio Carusone, a designer from NYC, wishes to share his passion for exploring mid-century design, art, and culture with the world, uncovering some of the most outstanding creators by highlighting their best work. He loves discussing vintage design, diverse cultures, and minimalistic artwork including iconic rebrands, historical compositions, and stimulating scores.

🏴‍☠️ Category Pirates - Business & Strategy | Growth | Startups

The three men behind Category Pirates, Christopher, Eddie, and Nicolas, have too many achievements between them to list fully. Having generated billions of dollars between the three of them, it is safe to say they are some of the best in the business.

Category Pirates is the authority on category creation and category design. Every week, they publish a newsletter for the radically different—who want to see, design, and claim the future. The publication covers everything from the secrets behind the success of existing companies, to how you yourself can use Category Creation to propel your business to new heights.

πŸ“± Technologic - Tech | Software

Submitted by the author himself, the technologic newsletter aims to make technology understandable for the average person. Chad Underwood aka the ‘tech’ guy’ is driven by the excitement he gets when he helps other people conquer their fears of technology. 

He paints a bigger picture, provides real-world examples, and different possible situations to highlight the importance of the issues and explain why YOU need to understand how it all works. From answering questions like what’s a zero-day or the trojan horse to explaining Operating Systems and APIs, Chad does it in a way that ‘a Kindergartener would understand”.

Five stars for making tech easier to digest. Loving this so far” by D. Scane

🍝 Family Meal - Food | Entertainment

Family Meal is the newsletter to keep you in the know of all the latest news in the restaurant industry. Every Friday, Andrew Genung updates his readers with valuable insights, key points, and hot news about the restaurant business. 

If you plan on opening a restaurant, work in one, or just love food in general, Andrew will share information on topics like tipping policies, RRF, the latest food and hospitality trends, and famous chefs and what they’re up to.

☝️ Worth Reading

I believe that knowing how to write good copy is underrated. Copywriting shouldn’t only be about websites and advertisements. Good copy can make better connections, inspire, persuade, and in general - uplift any email, text, or other written message you send into the world.

Read 4 Secrets To Writing Great Copy for tips like writing in the first person, using sensory language, and being specific, and consider subscribing to Kaleigh Moore's Newsletter for more insights into writing!

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