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May 30, 2022

Hello, friends!

Is it me or does this week’s newsletter selection checks all the boxes? If you’re a runner or just going for an occasional run, interested in or already actively investing and you’re wondering how to reduce the (sometimes insane) screen time - I literally have everything covered 🀩 

Check out this week’s curation and let me know what you end up subscribing to 🀞

⚑ Spotlight


A couple of weeks ago I got a recommendation! Creativerly was mentioned as the person's fav newsletter, so I did my research, created the listing, and reached out to the author.

We spoke about our creative journeys, the ups and downs, and just like that without a mention, he wrote and published a whole feature on Readsom in his newsletter Creativerly. This interaction reminded me why I am doing all of this and how much I enjoy meeting new people!

Creativerly is written by Philipp Temmel, a full-time product designer, writer, and side-project enthusiast. And as described by the most recent 5-star review it’s a “weekly newsletter for creativity and productivity apps and other bite-sized contents around it”.

Think of bundles of helpful tools, apps, and software that will help you read faster, take better notes and beat procrastination to achieve your goals. Philipp provides an extensive review of the tools in question, curates a section for mental health, and shares interesting articles and attention-worthy news.

Check out his latest issue featuring an app for turning your audience into a business, a free mood boarding tool, and subscribe to find a useful tool you never even knew you needed!

πŸ’‘What's New

🌱 Social Media Detox - Digital Media | Creators | Mental Health

Nicole Tabak is a freelance copywriter and content creator. She is extremely passionate about protecting the mental health of content creators, as the web can at times be a very extreme landscape. She started Social Media Detox to do exactly that!

Whether it's tips on how to be easier on yourself after a misstep or just general advice on how to tame that desire to be on your phone, Nicole has it covered. Subscribe for “Thoughts on life + self-care for content creators”.

πŸƒ‍♀️ Running probably - Sports | Well-being | Life

Paul Flannery is a writer, dad, runner, and the creator of Running Probably. He shares his goals, inspirations, and motivations with his audience to inspire and motivate them on their own running journey. 

From topics on building resilience, making the most of recovery weeks, and pain management to more personal takes on nutrition or parenting, Paul always shares value-filled nuggets of gold. If you’re not yet convinced, I suggest reading ‘Why I run’!

πŸ’΅ The Pomp Letter - Finance | Crypto | Business & Strategy

Anthony Pompliano is an entrepreneur and investor with experience working at both Facebook and Snapchat, as well as a portfolio valued at over half a billion dollars. 

With an extensive list of hundreds of thousands of subscribers, even including some of Wall Street’s finest, The Pomp Letter has firmly established itself as one of the leading investment newsletters. Whether it's crypto or rising inflation rates, Anthony has something to say on every aspect of the financial world. Subscribe to learn where the places to keep your money could be and why. 

P.S. For $19 a month you’ll get access to five subscriber-only letters per week, instead of only one on the free to the public version.

🎨 Creative Factor - Creators & Creativity | Design | Products

The Creative Factor is a bi-weekly newsletter where author Matt McCue shares interesting personalities and out-of-the-box solutions to complex problems. Matt explores different ways to inspire a culture where creativity prevails and aims to bring innovative ideas to his audience. 

Every issue contains exclusive interviews of design visionaries and innovators, ingenious solutions to complex problems, and intriguing advice to broaden your mind and think creatively.

☝️ Worth Reading

Per Hakansson, the author of the Fewer Better Things newsletter, aims to help people become conscious consumers, live mindfully, appreciate the small things they have, and realize the impact of their choices.

While researching the newsletter, I came across this interesting article on ‘Tips for The Looming Recession - How to expect the best, prepare for the worst', written through the fewer better things lens.

“The great thing with recessions, especially if you are well prepared, is that they flush out the irrational exuberance, greed, and excess to offer perspective on what really matters in life.” Read the whole article for more insights πŸ’‘


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