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The concept of piggybacking, who’s winning the streaming wars and superior book summaries

Aug 19, 2022

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Known as a "value-investing nerd and contrarian by heart” Johan Eklund started writing Piggyback to educate others and provide actionable value-investing ideas. Johan focuses on a concept called “piggybacking,” which means mimicking other people’s (like Benjamin Graham or Warren Buffett) investment strategies to see what works and what doesn’t, thus saving time and maximizing outcomes.

But who’d better describe a newsletter than the readers themselves? Read what others have to say about PiggyBack Letter and subscribe!

“The top Substack source for knowledge about value investing and how to do due diligence on the fundamentals of a company and their stock. ” by ​​Michael Spencer

“I am impressed by the quality of the content published so far on Piggyback. It is clear to me that the author has immense knowledge about finance and investing. I am particularly fond of the frequent use of references, which gives high credibility and enables the reader to perform further due diligence. I highly recommend this newsletter to anyone wanting to learn more about value investing and the stock market!” by Christoffer Rosén

If you’re not yet convinced, check out Buffett's Inflation Bet With The House(s) 💡

💡What's New

🦧 Ask a Wise Ape - Finance | Entertainment | News

Two childhood friends are experts in their fields - Ape of Omaha is a private Wolf St. Trader, VC, and Founder and the Ape of Emerald City is a renowned Columnist and Songwriter. With the Ask a Wise Ape newsletter these guys are on a mission to help people better understand the economic landscape and make accurate predictions for smarter investing

Read the I kinda bought eth at $425 and subscribe for a daily 2-minute read on the latest developments in stock trading, cryptocurrency, and the economy in general.

🎬 The Entertainment Strategy Guy - Entertainment | Business & Strategy | $14

In this newsletter, the Entertainment Strategy Guy gives his expert analysis of business strategies of the entertainment industry revolving around Hollywood, Film, and TV. With his “Most Important Story of the Week”, Deep Dives, and Weekly Streaming Reports, you'll learn everything there is to know about the entertainment business.

I recommend reading the article where the author lays out his data philosophy and subscribing to dive deep into the Ideas Behind Blockbusters, Why Netflix is So Popular, and Who’s Winning the Streaming Wars.

📝 Notes by Martine - Well-being | Productivity | Curation

Martine Ellis is an inspiring educator, leader, and teacher, who's on a mission to help professionals excel in their careers while keeping their health in check.

Notes by Martine is a weekly wrap-up with personally curated articles, books, tools, tips, and videos on productivity and self-growth. In addition, Martine will always share something relevant to watch and something interesting she found on Twitter.

Subscribe for inspiring curation and/or check her Wellbeing-Driven Productivity podcast where Martine shares her thoughts on things like - “Why You Should Leave Your Headphones At Home When You Go For A Walk” or “We All Need to be Better at Meetings” all in short, but honest episodes recorded while on dog walks! 

☝️ Worth Reading

Julian Shapiro is a VERY PROLIFIC person. I’ve kept on seeing his name everywhere I turned, and it feels like he’s good friends with everyone! He’s been a frequent guest on the My First Million podcast, he co-hosts a podcast called Brains with Courtland Allen from Indie Hackers, and from time to time goes viral on Twitter. He’s a former VP of marketing, a founder, a writer, and an investor. On top of that, he’s also known “as someone who’s effective at breaking down how complicated things work”.

I invite you to explore Julian Shapiro’s website and check his handbooks on how to write well and/or how to build muscle as well as interesting blog posts on topics like What to do with your life.

Since I’m almost sure you’ll want more - subscribe to his newsletter Highlights where Julian shares superior book summaries. Why Superior? Because he manages to distill the book's lessons into action items 👑

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