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One that’s artsy, one that’s queer, one tailored for creators, and one for product managers.

July 11, 2022

Hello everybody!

Last week I’ve got a shout-out from Corey Wilks, the author of the Building Blocks newsletter. He was really happy with the listing and wrote - “Their description of my newsletter is 10x better than what I came up with 😂.” Not gonna lie - the post made my day!

This week I decided to skip the Spotlight section and instead provide more information on What’s New. We have a couple of great additions submitted by the authors themselves, a couple of niche ones covering career nuances, and a newsletter for “people who prefer to think for themselves.” Let’s dig in!

💡What's New

👄 Ponytail Picks - Entertainment | Recommendations | Media

Andrew Koole and Joel Brandt are two long-haired freaky people with backgrounds in music and creative writing.

The newsletter offers free suggestions for watching, reading and listening. Each edition of "Picks" centers on a particular word or theme, from "bees" and "trees" to "electric" or "#3." From songs about Honey (bees) to a list of articles on Tesla (electric), you’re definitely in for a treat.

Check out the issue on California and you’ll see what you’re getting yourself into.

🎤 Get It Together - Life | Queer | Questioning

Get It Together is a weekly newsletter full of original essays, interviews, and commentary about music, art, and building a creative life. Written by Lauren Denitzio a queer-feminist person and tailored for elder Millenials, cynical queers, and independent artists, Get It Together is first and foremost - honest.

The variety of issues range from learning to stop worrying and thoughts on Anthony Bourdain to interviews with book authors and behind-the-stage action (Warriors fans wru?) If you’re looking for a “little ranty, pretty queer” publication - you’ve hit the jackpot!

🧙‍♂️ Creator Wizard - Creators & Creativity | Marketing | Sponsorships

Doing what I do, the title “Game-Changing Newsletter Sponsorship Strategies” caught my eye. In this Nathan Barry Show’s podcast episode, I learned about Justin Moore, who has spent the last 7 years of his career as a creator amassing brand deals that have paid him handsomely. 

Long story short, Justin Moore writes a newsletter filled with all the insider tricks of the trade, you can use when communicating with brands to get the most out of your sponsorship deals. Whether it's buzzwords that are going to help you stand out or tips on how to get new followers, Creator Wizard is a one-stop-shop for all things content creation.

Sign up here, or check his website for loads and loads of both written and video content on monetizing your creativity.

Ask Gib - Business & Strategy | Product | Advice

Ask Gib is a monthly rundown where former VP of Netflix, Gibson Biddle, answers product management, strategy, and leadership questions.

Every month, Gib gets a boatload of questions from product leaders worldwide and the topics range from the habits of successful product managers to product discovery and understanding the customer journey better. In each issue, the author gives a short answer and then dives deep into the subject, going through all the data and providing actionable steps when needed.

Upvote the question you want to be answered over here!

🇺🇸 Common Sense - Politics | Social Justice | USA

Former New York Times opinion writer Bari Weiss is afraid of very little, least of all speaking her mind.

In a world where common sense appears to have become pretty uncommon, Bari Weiss is attempting to sift through the madness. Whether it’s a deep dive on a hot-button political issue or just a general chat on her podcast, Bari is striving to be the voice of reason.

Common Sense is a paid newsletter, though the majority of its content is available for free. If you’re interested in getting one additional newsletter per week, subscribe for $5 a month.

I recommend reading an uplifting issue ‘What We Love About America’, which I believe will be an interesting read no matter your nationality. 

☝️ Worth Reading

Atlas Obscura! You might have heard of it, but have you explored it? If you’re interested in fascinating stories, awe-inspiring discoveries, and hidden places, scrolling through the website is not enough. Atlas Obscura has multiple newsletters (categorized by frequency and topic) for you to subscribe to.

Think of a list of Abandoned Amusement Parks, 97 Cool Things to Do in New Orleans, and an infinite database of gastro experiences all over the world - all delivered to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis in a newsletter format.

Explore the website and choose the newsletter that fits your needs 🤍

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