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A newsletter about big tech and society.

As the name suggests it’s a newsletter about big tech. Alex is a longtime tech journalist that has an insider look into everything that is shaking the big tech world. His impeccable research into every topic makes the newsletter issues the most original content you wouldn't find elsewhere. While mainly focusing on Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google, he also does occasional dives into Big Government stories and Big Pharma. All that shapes our society and all that is kept behind the scenes, are being surfaced and put in front of the readers. So become one and join a whooping 80,000+ subscriber list that enjoys for independent, in-depth stories on Big Tech!


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Alex Kantrowitz is a tech journalist turned tech book author and now - a tech newsletter writer. His book ‘Always Day One’ depicts the lives of tech titans and uncovers their plans to always stay on top. Having experienced a more interactive connection through a newsletter, Alex believes and aims to engage with his audience more personally this way.


Big Technology is a free, weekly newsletter. Subscribe to receive an issue every Thursday, but keep in mind - a paywall is coming.

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