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Blackbird Spyplane is yr no. 1 source for “unbeatable recon” into style & culture

Blackbird Spyplane is a cultural digest on all things COOL, it’s goofy, a bit ironic, and quite nerdy, but most of all - it’s undescribably cool. The essays are slang-full, nostalgia-heavy (think 2000’s internet vibes) pieces on culture, clothing, and the aesthetic that combines it all. They express their point-of-view through a well-fitting lingo of their own: “compulsive jawn-coppers” is how they describe themselves. It’s a brilliantly chaotic newsletter filled with celeb Q&A’s, giveaway, cool collabs, and their exclusive paid membership-only SpyMall. Subscribe to BBSP to get the freshest takes on our cultural zeitgeist and unapologetically edgy visuals.



Jonah Weiner is a journalist writing for the New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stones, The New Yorker, and WIRED. Erin Wylie is a talent scout for Apple, a researcher, and an editor. The couple started their newsletter on pop culture, fresh vintage fits, and worthy as a pandemic project that received a cult-like following for its uniqueness.


The free subscription to Blackbird Spyplane gets you one issue a week delivered on Tuesdays.


Blackbird Spyplane paid subscription costs $5/month and gives you all the exclusive posts and a full Spyplane database. You will receive two newsletters a week (an additional one on Thursday), get access to the SpyMall, SpyTalk Chat Room, and Master Jawn Index, as well as access to pre-sales, product drops, and giveaways(!!)

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