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Jeff Ding's weekly translation of writings from Chinese thinkers on China's AI landscape.

ChinAI newsletter provides a distinctive perspective on the intersection of China and the technology that is changing the world. Jeffrey Ding shares weekly translations on AI policy and strategy from Chinese thinkers, think tanks, and government departments. Read translations on the making of Alibaba Cloud, AI white papers, and Tencent’s manufacturing strategy. The newsletter provides interesting updates on China’s AI development through two sections: Featured Translation and This Week’s ChinAI Links. Subscribe if you are curious about the business environment and AI scene of China.




Jeffrey Ding is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oxford, with a focus on technological competition between nations. He publishes a newsletter and hosts a podcast by the same name - ChinAI. Jeffrey Ding started writing ChinAI as an email to friends and colleagues and now counts thousands of subscribers reading his translations on Substack.


It is stated that by choosing the free version you will only get occasional public posts. In reality - everything is being distributed for free. We couldn’t find any issues under the paywall, so consider subscribing to support the author.


The paid subscription of ChinAI Newsletter costs $9. The newsletter is being sent once a week on Mondays. The subscription gives you ‘warm fuzzies from your generous patronage’ and occasional exclusive resources.

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