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Chrome Extension Ideas

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A newsletter for developers to find their next pre-validated chrome extension idea.

Chrome extension ideas is a newsletter full of market-sourced ideas. Honey Syed spends lots of time on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, etc., to find out what the market is asking for. The newsletters consist of condensed, ready-to-be-built ideas and other possible solutions for you to look into. Think of EZ-Pass for news paywalls, an extension to show you the actual cost of a meeting, or the one that pays you for the sites you go to. Subscribe for the research and start taking action! 




Honey Syed is an entrepreneur interested in eComm and SaaS. He wanted to motivate fellow developers to make something of their own and realized that a lot of them are starting with random ideas and failing because they don’t know what the market wants. Since Chrome extensions are relatively easier to build, Honey’s idea newsletter was created to become the solution to the problem.


The free version of the newsletter is supposed to give you 2 free ideas every Tuesday in comparison to 4 with a premium subscription. Don’t get discouraged looking into a “locked” archive, since only half the content in an issue is under the paywall.


The paid subscription of the Chrome Extension Ideas costs $10 and will get you 4 ideas per week. The author strives to make the free version so valuable that you’ll end up signing up for the paid version.

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