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Thoughts on Crypto, money, markets, life, whatever! 

In his blog, Cobie is bringing valuable insight and opinion into the world of crypto, web3, and all of its facets. Through each blog post, Cobie aims to give advice on all aspects of the ever-changing market world that we live in, injected with a healthy dose of realism that sets him apart from many of the overly excitable crypto bloggers that have inhabited social media as of late. This is exemplified in his blog about ApeCoin, which saw backlash from some crypto-obsessed Twitter users. Cobie’s frank and honest long-form writing style is a refreshing take on financial advice. He aims to ensure that you get the information and advice you need without the overly-confusing language, so sign up today to start making better trades for your future.




Cobie is written by the man it is named after, Cobie! With 10 years of experience in the world of Crypto, Cobie is sharing his thoughts, feelings, and experience on the market landscape both in this blog and on the podcast UpOnly.


Cobie’s invaluable market advice is completely free, although published somewhat sporadically, averaging usually 1 to 2 posts a month.

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