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A weekly newsletter to catch you up on NFT-related value bombs.

NFTs have been booming in popularity, and it can be overwhelming to keep up with all that’s happening. ZenCaps is a weekly newsletter for NFT lovers who want to cut through the noise and get the details straight away. Stay in the know with the latest NFT news, developments, events, talking points, and tips delivered right to your inbox. Every week you’ll also be given a handful of advice to follow as well as things to look out for to keep you one step ahead of the competition, stay on top of the NFT game, and harvest the most value out of it.

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Zeneca_33 is the founder of Zen Academy, where he helps spread his love for NFTs and Web3 to everyone sharing his interests in building, creating, and financing NFTs. He’s on a mission to create a welcoming place for people new to the Metaverse and web3. He is also the teacher of “How to Launch an NFT project,” a course on launching NFTs for beginners.


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