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Web3 Musings

Jason’s key insight in this blog is fascinating and extremely helpful to someone just getting started in the world of crypto. Jason’s clear passion for crypto and web3 is what makes him unique. He discusses the genuine value of the blockchain as a potential tool, rather than just a way to make money. Jason also takes a look at the community that has built around the crypto world, and how this community actually influences the crypto itself. These insights are so valuable because they are so unique and really set Jason apart from other crypto writers. Don’t hesitate to sign up today if you want to read some of the most refreshing takes on web3 that the internet has to offer, so you can break into the market too!




Jason Shah previously worked a comfortable tech job and invested in crypto as a hobby. In April 2021, after years of investing and building side projects on the blockchain, Jason decided to leave a comfortable job and promising leadership trajectory in tech by resigning from his tech job and moving into crypto full-time.


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