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Common Sense is for people who want to understand the world as it is, not the world as some wish it to be.

In a world where common sense appears to have become pretty uncommon, Bari Weiss is attempting to sift through the madness; a shining light of reason amidst the darkness. If there are questions you’re too afraid to ask, Bari will ask them for you. If there’s opinions you’re cautious about voicing, Bari is voicing them proudly. Whether it’s a deep dive on a hot-button political issue or just a general chat on her podcast, Honest, Bari is striving to be a voice of reason in the modern world. Escape the social media echo chamber, and subscribe to Common Sense today! 


Deep Dive


Former New York Times opinion writer Bari Weiss is afraid of very little, least of all speaking her mind. The journalist and accredited author now wants to use Common Sense to focus on the aspects of society that to her, simply need addressing with a bit of refreshing honesty.


If you choose the free version you should supposedly receive only occasional public posts. Looking into the archive it seems as though more posts are public than placed under the paywall, so you can expect to receive 2 to 4 issues a week.


The paid subscription to Common Sense costs $5 a month. You'll get access to subscriber-only posts (one additional newsletter per week), and the full archive and also be given permission to post comments, making you a part of the Common Sense community.

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