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Proof uses a genre of journalism known as “curatorial journalism” to unpack the most urgent issues of the day.

With Proof, Seth Abramson is attempting to bring you the most hot-button political issues of today. Whether it's Supreme Court rulings or war stories from Ukraine, Seth will bring you the news you need with his expert insight. Seth’s experience in the political world is truly too extensive to cover fully, but his credentials as the 14th highest rated Politics and the top Culture Substack in the United States speak for themselves. You can rest assured that this subscription is going to make you more informed and insightful than ever, from a trustworthy source so be sure to subscribe to Proof sooner rather than later! If you subscribe and still find that you’re searching for more Proof, be sure to check out the Proof Podcast!


Deep Dive


Seth Abramson has done it all. Attorney, Professor, New York Times bestseller, poet; the list is endless. As such, Seth was asked personally by Substack co-founder Hamish McKenzie to build a weekly newsletter, and thus, Proof was born in February of 2021. Seth is now aiming to bring the same biting political authorship from his Proof book trilogy to the web!


Choosing the free version you will be able to access Seth’s public posts, which are only uploaded occasionally. However, Seth has increased the frequency of public posts lately, so you might find yourself with a surprising amount of content!


For $5 a month you’ll gain access to subscriber-only posts, as well as full access to all posts in the archive. You’ll also be entitled to video content, and subscriber-only Q&A’s, as well as being able to post comments, making you a part of the community!

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