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The Bulwark focuses on political analysis and reporting without partisan loyalties or tribal prejudices, putting country over party.

The politics of today is unmistakably becoming more and more partisan. Bias is rife, and civil conversation across the floor is, by all intents and purposes, out the window. The Bulwark is aiming to bring reason back to political news, with their newsletter Bulwark+. By firmly analyzing both sides of every story, and taking partisanship out of the question, the team is going to keep you in the know, while never telling you what to think. Be sure to subscribe to Bulwark+ today for all your political news, as well as check out their other podcasts and blogs for more content!




The Bulwark has an extensive staff of 17 writers and editors, all aiming to bring you the news without the usual bias. From a wide range of backgrounds, every member of The Bulwark has their own unique perspective, providing you with the most impartial news possible.


You can receive daily news from The Bulwark at no cost whatsoever!


If you feel like paying a premium, you can subscribe to Bulwark+ for $10 a month. With this, you’ll be eligible to access extra content, such as Morning Shots written by Charlie Sykes, and The Triad, written by Johnathan V. 

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