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Thoughts about creators, communities, and web3 — in as few words as possible.

Creator Economy is a newsletter and a community for creators and web3 enthusiasts who want to unveil creative ways of making a living online doing what they love. Peter Yang shares insights as well as writes a lot of educational guides to help you understand and navigate through the new world of web3. From more broad concepts such as the future of crypto wallets to a detailed L2 and L1 chains guide, he covers a wide array of topics, that also includes career tips like how to break into web3 as a PM. Peter manages to break down the complex processes and answer core questions so that even beginners can be up and running in no time. 

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Deep Dive


Peter Yang's passion for putting a smile on others' faces and helping them solve problems led him to Product Management. He worked on creator growth at Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter as well as wrote a book on product management.


Creator Economy is a free, supposedly bi-weekly newsletter. Looking into the archive it seems that you can expect 2 to 4 issues a month.

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