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A thoughtful weekly newsletter helping you feel inspired, be productive & think critically.

Dense Discovery is one of the most informative newsletters out there. Every week writer Kai Brach shares a handful of discussions in the design, tech, and cultural space. Embark on a journey of uncovering thought-provoking books, inspiring design, helpful apps and sites, and food for thought to get your brain in gear. Kai aims to educate his readers, inspire them with possibilities and get them to think and judge critically. Learn more about the world and yourself with recommendations from industry professionals, insightful videos and articles, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

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Kai Brach is a designer and publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. He is the publisher of Dense Discovery and the famous print magazine Offscreen and is on a mission to humanize technology. He launched his first publication issue in 2012 in the hopes of giving people a break from their phones and rethinking their choice of medium. His publications have always been an attempt to free people of their fast-paced lives and prevent them from being addicted to the constant digital stimulus of screens.


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