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Brass Ring Daily is a motivational newsletter with encouraging notes to help you keep going every morning. Kara Cutruzzula offers tips, insights, and genuine inspiration grounded in her own experience - the highs and lows of her creative work. Brass Ring Daily hosts productivity hacks, tips for creativity, and a dose of optimism with an added bonus of a picture or a video worth seeing. Read about ways to form your ideas, setting streaks to form habits and the benefits of 10 ideas a day. Subscribe and “Keep trying, keep failing, keep going.”




Kara Cutruzzula is a writer, editor, and playwright. She has worked at The Daily Beast but switched to freelance and now writes and edits for both print and digital. Kara Cutruzzula is known for managing to juggle millions of gigs, so in addition to conventional freelance writing she also writes songs for musicals, screenplays, and TV scripts, and of course - a daily newsletter.


Brass Ring Daily is a free, daily newsletter. The author promises to see you in your inbox at 7:30 AM ET every morning and from our experience, it seems that she is keeping that promise.

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Your Most Motivating BFF, With a Side Serving of Musicals and Cute Animals

Kara Cutruzzula's Brass Ring Daily is everything I want in a daily newsletter. It starts by getting real – Kara knows the world is wackadoodle and doesn't try to persuade you otherwise, but she looks for ways to help readers think and act productively that feel organic and self-respectful. In under two minutes, she sizes up a problem you didn't even have words to describe and then offers a solution that you know you can implement...right this minute. She usually follows this up with a brief but entertaining anecdote, or a video or photo, and then sends you on your way to have a cheerier, more productive day, sometimes humming a song from an original musical, sometimes grinning over a teeny creature. It's not brain surgery, but perhaps mood surgery. Every day, Kara's uplifting newsletter gives you the boost to reach for the brass ring.

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