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YouTopian Journey provides weekly motivation and wisdom to help you become mentally stronger and realize your potential.

Starting in early 2021, YouTopian Journey is the first-of-its-kind, self-help, graphic novel that provides advice to its thousands of followers on everything from motivation to creativity. With insightful pieces delving into the cost of being creative, as well as forcing yourself to recognize your own talents, YouTopian Journey is a true essential for those looking to get through life’s daily battles. YouTopian Journey's diverse subscriber base reflects its broad range of topics, with followers from backgrounds like investing, creating, entrepreneurship, and even hacking! Don’t miss out on this newsletter and enjoy unique artwork from a custom-drawn comic book while reading.




The YouTopian Journey’s creator Shaun Gold is a marketing guru and life coach. He's striving to bring you the most motivational messages, behind great artwork, every single week.


YouTopian Journey is a free, weekly newsletter. Every new issue is published on Sundays.

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