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It's amazing

Your Most Motivating BFF, With a Side Serving of Musicals and Cute Animals

Kara Cutruzzula's Brass Ring Daily is everything I want in a daily newsletter. It starts by getting real – Kara knows the world is wackadoodle and doesn't try to persuade you otherwise, but she looks for ways to help readers think and act productively that feel organic and self-respectful. In under two minutes, she sizes up a problem you didn't even have words to describe and then offers a solution that you know you can implement...right this minute. She usually follows this up with a brief but entertaining anecdote, or a video or photo, and then sends you on your way to have a cheerier, more productive day, sometimes humming a song from an original musical, sometimes grinning over a teeny creature. It's not brain surgery, but perhaps mood surgery. Every day, Kara's uplifting newsletter gives you the boost to reach for the brass ring.