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Conversations about leadership in this moment.

Free Radicals is a limited series newsletter featuring conversations with leaders in tech. Sherrell Dorsey and Annaliese Griffin focus on equity, advancement, and progress while debating on how does the future of business looks like. Read about the tech’s diversification, big demographic shifts, and the intersection of race and commerce. Subscribe and “celebrate those who embody leadership in this moment.”


Sherrell Dorsey is a data journalist, speaker, and entrepreneur, who founded The Plug - a digital platform that covers the Black innovation economy. In 2008 she started a blog, writing about black tech innovators and as it started to get traction, she decided to launch a daily tech newsletter. Sherrel Dorsey started Free Radicals in a collaboration with the Every writer collective and was later joined by a writer, reporter, and newsletter maven - Annaliese Griffin.


The newsletter is part of the Every - a writer collective that offers a variety of business/productivity newsletters as a bundle. By subscribing to a free version you can expect to receive a newsletter once a month. The free version also gives you the weekly Sunday Digest with summaries and links to all the content from the bundle, that was published throughout the week.

If you wish to silence some of the newsletters you can always change preferences on your account page (a link is being sent with every issue). You can opt-out from everything except Free Radicals, or - you can go all in and decide later!


The paid subscription of Every bundle costs $20 (or $1 for 30 days trial and then $200 per year) and gives you access to the most in-depth articles from a variety of other business/productivity newsletters.

If you’re only interested in Free Radicals - the paid subscription won’t get you any perks, you will receive the same amount of content as in the free version, but you should definitely consider exploring the other newsletters in the bundle. If you find what you like - the price will be worth it!

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