From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy

From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy

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A weekly essay on issues in food, from politics and climate change to culture and labor.

From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy is a newsletter about food and everything that surrounds it. Be it sourcing, labor or politics involved, the author raises thought-provoking questions and makes unforeseen connections. Get ready for essays on restaurants and the death of the chef, on consumption and the meaning of food and fatphobia, and the role of food media. From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy contains original essays and published/reading/cooking sections where the author shares her published work, recommended reads, and recipes. Subscribe to get access to additional interviews with people in food and join community discussions.




Alicia Kennedy is a food and drink writer, former bakery owner, and a host of Meatless podcast. She is writing for Tenderly and worked as a food columnist for Nylon and How We Get to Next. Alicia Kennedy has been living in and covering San Juan’s in Puerto Rico culinary scene since 2015 and is now working on a book about veganism and its relationship to capitalism.


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