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Weekly sizzlers about Cooking, Dining out, and making the most of Food.

Discover exquisite recipes to treat and spice up your taste buds. Every week, Abigail Koffler publishes an article on something to cook, something to order, and something to read. If you’ve been scratching your head trying to decide what to cook, Abigail’s easy-to-follow recipes and advice on eating out will give you useful ideas and inspiration to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Explore enjoyable reads on a little bit of everything related to food, including Back to School Vibes with Family Dinners, Making Delicious Vegan Cookies, and Toxic Restaurant Culture.

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Abigail Koffler is a Brooklyn-based writer and entrepreneur. in 2017, being frustrated at work, she started This Needs Hot Sauce as a space to share her thoughts on what excited her the most about cooking. What began as a hobby to escape from her job turned into a thriving community. Abigail now shares feel-good reads, food recipes & recommendations, IRL happy hours, and cooking classes.


The free version of This Needs Hot Sauce should grant you occasional public posts only. Looking into the archive it seems that you'll still get to enjoy the newsletter weekly, usually on Mondays. Keep in mind, that you'll be getting half as much of the content that's being published, so if you love Abigail - consider a paid subscription.


This Needs Hot Sauce newsletter costs $5 a month. By starting a paid membership in addition to the Monday newsletter you’ll get access to an exclusive Thursday newsletter as well as a personalized recommendation from Abigail herself. The newsletter features an advice column, midweek reads, personal essays, and recipes - all with the bonus of a full archive.

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