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A thrice-weekly, IACP-nominated breaducational newsletter.

Wordloaf is a newsletter about bread. Well, mostly, it is also full of non-bread recipes, news in the food industry, recipe books, and insights from other chefs/bakers/food creators. Andrew Janjigian sends three newsletters every week with at least one recipe from himself, recipes from guest authors, and from the great internet. Andrew is a baking teacher at King Arthur’s Flour so you can expect some high-quality breadknowledge coming your way in the form of recipes. You’ll find the simplest no-knead doughs to get you started on your bread journey and it goes all the way to more complicated breads like baguettes. The best part? He takes you through every step of the way to ensure you have beautiful bread at the end. So subscribe to Wordloaf for tasty bread/non-bread recipes and start baking!




Andrew Jinjigian is a freelance recipe developer, writer, baking teacher, and food photographer. He has worked at America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated and still freelancing for Serious Eats, King Arthur’s flour, and Epicurious. Started a newsletter to write about bread, dough, grains, milling and more and found success.


A free subscription to Wordloaf gets you an issue three times a week delivered (usually) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Oh and the public recipe archive!


The paid subscription to Wordloaf costs $6/month and gets you extra recipes, a free dried started sample (that will be sent to you) and a discount for an online bread class by Andrew!

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