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Good news, mind-blowing science, and the best bits of the internet have made their way to you!

Future Crunch is a newsletter that focuses on good news about the progress of our world and its people. The FC newsletter provides a mental break from all the negativity in hopes of making people think more optimistically about the future. Every two weeks, tens of thousands of subscribers receive favorable news about the world, such as the decline in COVID-19 deaths, the decrease in wars and bloodshed, and how people tackle world issues such as poverty and diseases.

Subscribe to Future Crunch for a positive future outlook with stories about progress for people and the planet.




Future Crunch is an Australian-based organization consisting of scientists, artists, technologists, and entrepreneurs who wish to provide better ways to do things in the 21st century. The team at Future Crunch is dedicated to providing people with positive news about change igniting the passion for making the world a better place with science and technology.


Choosing the free subscription will grant you access to approx. half of the content. You will receive an issue full of good news every other week.


The paid subscription to the Future Crunch newsletter costs $5/mo. On top of the good news (delivered every week), you’ll also receive the best bits of the internet with mind-blowing discoveries and the latest breakthroughs in science. P.S. one-third of your subscription fee will go to charity.

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